Expat / Inpat Tax Services

Your income earned in the United States while on the following visas become taxable:

1. Work Visa (H, L and J Series)
2. Student Visa (F1 OPT & CPT, M & J Series)
3. Permanent Residence / Green Card

GKM’s US tax services include

  • Tax return Preparation – Federal
    • Resident Returns – 1040EZ, 1040A, 1040
    • Non-Resident Returns – 1040NR, 1040-NR-EZ
    • Amended Returns – 1040X
  • Tax return Preparation – State, City and Local
  • Tax Return Filing 
  • Tax Planning & Value Added Services
    • Determination of residential status under Tax Treaties
    • Determination of dual resident tax payer / dual status
    • Standard Deductions vs Itemized Deductions
    • Income Deference and Shifting
    • Analysis of expenses globally incurred for tax return deduction
    • Tax credit for foreign taxes paid
    • Computation of tax credits
    • Filing of tax return extensions
    • ITIN Application

Tax Planning for Expats from US traveling/living abroad

  • Determination of tax home
  • Exclusion of Foreign earned Income
  • Foreign tax credit
  • Foreign Housing deduction & Carryover
  • Foreign Income Taxes
  • Estimated Taxes while working abroad
  • Filing Extensions while working abroad
  • Benefits arising out of Tax Treaties
  • Social Security totalization Agreements

GKM prepares individual tax returns, including federal and multi-state tax returns, using GoSystem, Lacerte, Prosystem FX, ProSeries and UltraTax software among others. GKM’s team members are available on a 24/7 basis to respond to your concerns and queries. GKM’s Two-Tier review process ensures a high degree of accuracy.

Reach out to us to discuss on your questions regarding NRI taxation, business setup in India / USA, GST returns filing, transfer pricing or any other questions.

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