Direct Taxation

Multi-national enterprises across the world are showing an increasing interest in investing in India. An insight into India’s complex and dynamic regulatory and tax systems is crucial, to boost growth and expand opportunities. Conversely, Indian organizations aiming for a global reach, face mounting regulatory pressures, strict and diverse reporting standards, and sophisticated revenue authorities. Being prepared for changes, developments and consequent challenges in these spheres are pivotal for any organization to achieve its full potential.

GKM understands the challenges organizations face while navigating this complex global tax environment. Reducing the overall effective tax burden, while minimizing associated risk, is a significant factor in the bottom-line success of global operations. Our professionals ensure compliance and help you align your tax strategy to your business strategy.

We offer unique international tax services that help increase cash flow and/or optimize effective tax rates.

We ensure compliance with the latest regulatory environment and shield against the risks inherent in international businesses.

Reach out to us to discuss on your questions regarding NRI taxation, business setup in India / USA, GST returns filing, transfer pricing or any other questions.

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